The legendary TAE BOE Extraordinaire is coming to St. Louis to teach a class. We can all remember watching this household name infomercials and ordering his tapes to help us get in shape. When it comes to exercise, many others have learned from this legend. He was one of the first to do it and one of the best to ever do it. An opportunity like this won’t happen twice, sign up for a chance to meet the legend and take the class that we all watched on television and experience it live and in person.


Movie and Television sitcom star AJ Johnson has become a house hold name from such casting roles in Baby Boy, House Party, alongside Sylvester Stallone in Assassins, etc. She has been featured on the Oprah Network many times and was also Lindsay Lohans life coach on a miniseries. Along with her impressive resume she also balances it with being a LIFE COACH; she teaches fitness, proper dieting and mental stability as well.  Sign up for your once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and work out with AJ Johnson. It will be a fun field fit time and definitely a memory worth having.


Entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, people who live a healthy and fit lifestyle and people who desire to live a healthy and fit lifestyle you're encouraged to attend the celebrity guest speaking seminar given by AJ Johnson and Billy Blanks. Both have been able to turn their businesses and themselves into world known brands. Come hear them speak and receive tips on how you can make your business/brand more successful. Listen as they tell you why it's so important to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Hear how long and why they've been living this lifestyle and why it's so important. Receive advice on how you can make you a better you in all facets of life. You're encouraged to attend this motivational life turning seminar. Get your tickets today.


Childhood obesity is on the rise and with that being said, it is important to show children the importance of staying health and fit. Sign up for Bernard Quinn’s parent child fitness class and learn some fun simple exercises for you and your kids that you can do together in your home.

Add some spice to your exercise life with the ladies of Dollhouse Studios. At the Dollhouse Studios their goal is to not only get you fit, but to have you looking sexy while getting in shape. They have variety of sexy exercises to keep you stimulated while dropping those extra calories; from pole dancing, video vixen classes, zumba, etc. just to name a few.  Sign up for their class and learn some sexy moves that you can practice at home.

Mike Wayne is the new name in training in St. Louis and his popularity is steady rising. His boot camp Train with Mike Wayne is a huge success and he has a huge connection with today’s generation. If you want a modern up beat workout then get a feel for his class by signing up.

The legendary King James has been on the scene over 20yrs, helping his clients lose a total of over 80,000lbs and he’s the man of excitement. If that number isn’t impressive then I don’t know what is. If you’re not intimidated easily, sign up for his trash talking don’t stop until the pounds are off class. You’re in for an exciting time.

Arthur Shivers and his lovely wife Jenae Shivers are a happily married couple who believe in getting in shape together is a great couple’s therapy; it also shows that you care about the health of your significant other.  Sign up for their class and discover a new way of bonding with your significant other. This class is geared to help you motivate one another and enjoy a new avenue of quality time.